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Come in store to check out our beautiful collection of limited edition prints by local artist Emily Holsman. 

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Now Showing Emily Holsman.

Emily Holsman was born in Melbourne, Australia.

An award winning artist, she lives and works in the idyllic coastal village of Balnarring on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula.

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A creative family...

Her mother painted with both oils and pastels, her father is an accomplished wood carver, while her sister plays and teaches no less than six musical instruments. To top it off, her grandfather was a concert pianist.

All the same, she didn’t start painting herself until 2006. 

‘I used to drive past a sign near Merricks advertising Art Classes – Oil and Pastel’ Emily says. ‘Eventually I made a call and turned up one day, just to have a look really.’

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A local talent...

She decided to concentrate on pastels and was amazed when a picture framer was so impressed with her work that he offered to frame her very first painting for free.

Emily’s local environment continues to prove a tremendous motivation for her painting. ‘I marvel at the beauty in the world that surrounds me’ she says. ‘Capturing the essence of it is fulfilling and absorbing. It gives me a tremendous focus and a sense of well being.’

The images she creates are both beautiful and joyful. Each one stirring feelings of pride, achievement and satisfaction.

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Do what you love...

Emily takes great joy in the pleasure that her work brings to other people. Even a simple greeting card featuring one of her pictures can bring a smile to someone’s face.

‘I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t paint’ she says. ‘I would simply be lost. Painting is not so much what I do. It’s what I am.’